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These people are absolutely fantastic. Before starting my community service with them I was just a troubled teen looking to do anything for friends but after joining them and letting them into my lives I realized I do have another choice in life. They are such loving people treating me like one of their own and now because of them my life is back on track and I am becoming the successful person they wanted me to be when I was done with their program. I have been almost 2 years clean of any crime or alcohol intake and is all because of them. They talked to me each day I had community service and listened to my life story and took it to heart and could relate to me about it. So if your looking for amazing people look at these guys.


My son had the opportunity to do his community service with this amazing group of people and it was a very positive experience. Not only did he say that he had a great time, he commented specifically on how nice, genuine and caring everyone was. Community service is usually looked at as a punishment but this was the opposite; this was a wonderful experience for him and he has not gotten into any trouble since! I cannot say enough good things. 


I can't say enough great things about this group. My Mother and Father in law are in their 80's and having issues getting around. Jay and his wife and the kids came to their house multiple occasions and helped clear their flower beds of weeds. I remember my Mother in law stating she gave them a hug (before covid) because she was glad to have the help. I think the kids enjoyed this extra attention as well. Keep up the great work. And thank you and God Bless. 


Lisa is the sweetest! You can tell she truly cares about people and these teens. She is like a ray of sunshine! My son loved it! He spoke highly of Lisa, her husband and the whole experience. He said that they were encouraging, praised his good work and he enjoyed hearing about their life experience and their words of advice for his future. This was by far more than just community service! This program is a blessing and we are so thankful that we got to be a part of it. 


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